Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Desperate Hackett Begs for Debates

Hackett is so desperate for attention he has even proposed a debate on Immigration. Word is that he wants his former housekeeper an illegal immigrant herself to act as moderator. INS has yet to approve that

Hackett Challenges Carney to Eight Debates

Dallas, PAAfter weeks of attempting to reach out privately to the Carney campaign to negotiate a debate schedule, only to be repeatedly stonewalled, today congressional candidate Chris Hackett issued a public challenge to incumbent congressman Chris Carney to hold a series of eight substantive and informative debates across the district over the course of the next four months.

Hackett declared, “I know the congressman is busy, but I would think he’d be able to find a little time to debate the critical issues facing our country before the people of our district. We’ve been looking for Chris Carney for weeks to talk about debates, but he doesn’t seem interested. Hopefully, he will hear enough from voters that he’ll change his mind and agree to debates. We have major differences on key issues, and the voters deserve a full hearing of them.”

The Hackett campaign is proposing two types of debates. In addition to three debates in the traditional format that would be televised in October by WNEP, WVIA, and WBRE/WYOU, Hackett is also proposing a series of five single-topic Lincoln-Douglas style debates, in which the candidates can go into much greater depth about their views than in a traditional 30 or 60 second answer.

In addition to three October debates, the Hackett proposal is for five single topic debates during the months of July, August, and September on the following critical topics:

1) Energy Policy

2) Taxes and Spending

3) The Economy and Jobs

4) Social Security, Medicare, and Health Care

5) National Security and Immigration

Several media outlets, including WILK radio, have offered to host these debates.

Hackett concluded, “Going back to April, I have challenged Chris Carney to engage in the kind of serious, substantive, and respectful campaign that the people of northeast and central Pennsylvania deserve. Debates are a vital part of that kind of campaign, and I hope he decided to take us up on this challenge.”

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